Communities Building Hope

For more than 40 years, supporting the social and economic success of Cape Breton Island has been part of Cape Breton University’s mission.  This was reaffirmed in its latest strategic plan (2019-2024) in which “Championing the Island’s Prosperity” (by working to bolster the overall health and development of Cape Breton Island) was identified as one of its five strategic priorities. 

With recognition that Island prosperity cannot be achieved without addressing the huge issues of poverty and inequity of income distribution that exist on the Island, Cape Breton University has established a Working Group on Poverty and has embarked on a long-term, poverty reduction strategy aimed at harnessing the University’s considerable resources, in all ways that it can, to improve the situation.  

A project of CBU’s Working Group on Poverty, Communities Building Hope will be the first annual, anti-poverty conference at CBU. With broader goals to educate and advocate as related to issues about poverty, the conference will bring together educators, grass-roots agencies working on poverty, community stakeholders and policy makers to begin what is hoped to be, a collaborative, problem-solving process.